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Add rocket fuel to your A/B testing program

Many companies have created Optimization teams in the last couple of years, and face challenges like these:

  • How do I scale the program and increase velocity of testing?
  • How do I get more the culture to adopt a more “test and learn” approach?
  • How do I socialize results of my experiments to get greater buy-in?
  • How should my testing team relate to Product, Marketing and other Digital teams?
  • Do I have the right tools and processes to be consistently effective?
  • How can I level-up my team’s expertise in this area?

At this point, pretty much every client we work with has an experimentation team. Our goal is to help make them be the best version of themselves.

We help make great experimentation teams in three ways

  1. Running training workshops for Experimentation teams and their stakeholders across the company
  2. Working alongside them creating a roadmap, running tests, telling the data story- so that new skills are practiced and retained
  3. Advising and collaborating with your team to improve processes and deliverables so you can benefit immediately from our hard-won lessons.

We love meeting and trading notes with experimentation folks. Get in touch and we would love to know more about what you need.

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