Experience Audits

Creating a way forward with an experience audit

When talking to potential clients, we're often asked some version of the following question:

"I need to improve my customer experience fast, but I don't have time, traffic, or resources to experiment my way to every decision. If this was your site experience, what changes would you make and why? What would you choose to test, and what would you just do?"

The experience audit is a data-driven evaluation of your current digital experience, designed to help you create an executable game plan that aligns the reality of your time and resource constraints - delivered in weeks, not months.

How it works

  • You grant us access to your analytics and customer data platforms
  • With ultra-specific goals in mind, we start mining the data for problem identification and actionable insights.
  • Once the problems are well-understood, we review the site experience and identify the UX problems most worth solving.
  • We then develop concept solutions designed to fit within your timeframe and budget that can be implemented to solve those problems.

Part art, part data-science, The experience audit is one of the quickest ways to achieve positive measurable impact on your site experience.

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